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music or w/e community for lj users like you and i

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coldsocks; music or w/e community for lj users like you and i. phut and i are just trying to share our flavour of individual music taste with you and hope you guys will love it. as things goes on and on the right path, we will add additional stuff, i guess. anyway, just wait and see what's coming on.

rules; very simple. members will be moderated before joining but people with no entries on their journals or have not updated in 2 weeks would be rejected. i need to stress that this is important because this is a community for livejournal users like you & i. if you want to be accepted, please do something about it and apply again. we would look over it again.
please do not use our links outside of this community or you will be banned. comments are important in this community as it keeps us going.
capturean & phut thank you for joining.

affiliates; here

credits; everything here belongs to Eleazer and Samuel unless stated. Please do not steal or claim anything here. further enquires, contact us.
we use zshare, sendspace or mediafire. any other suggestions?